who, what, when

29 and forever learning.

Year 2012 – 366 days, 366 photos.

Year 2013 – the year with all the traveling.

Year 2014 – the year with all the discovery.

Year 2015 – the year with the setbacks then determination.

Year 2016 – the year with the last stretch.

Year 2017 – the year with a new beginning.

Year 2018 – the year with the struggle.

Year 2019 – the year with all the questions.

I started this blog in 2012 as part of the a-photo-a-day WordPress challenge. Since then, I have posted 417 photos, graduated college, graduate program and went on to professional training and residency. I have lived on my own, kept the promise to myself to travel abroad at least once a year and moved across the country (while yearning to be back home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest). As the years gone by, I am still in the pursuit of finding my passion. I am not a photographer nor a writer, but through photos and the written words, I hope to find my passion. And I hope you’ll enjoy them too.

My other blog: http://outwiththewords.wordpress.com/

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5 comments on “who, what, when”

  1. do you know where you’re going to

  2. I love your blog and how you find beauty in simple moments! 🙂

  3. I love your site as well, excellent concept should sell some of these photos after project of course and yeah I hope Ms Forever is right around the corner too 🙂

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